Sister Mary Black Legacy Society

Sister Mary Black Legacy Society: Planning Your Legacy. Open the door of opportunity for the future generation.

Established in 2019, the purpose of the Sr. Mary Black Legacy Society at Cathedral High School is to recognize those individuals and families who have remembered CHS in their estate plans through a documented planned gift. More so, the society serves to enable members and friends to witness to the value of Cathedral High in their lives and secure its mission and impact for generations to come.

Sister Mary Black: Society Patron

Sister Mary Black, CSJ has done so much and in so many ways for Cathedral 7-12 High School for the better part of sixty years. From her early days as a teacher and mentor to our students, to her tireless and legendary work as development director and today, through her volunteer work on behalf of the Adopt-A-Student Foundation annual “Partnership for Success” dinner committee, Sister Mary has set an example of selflessness, perseverance and determination for our entire Cathedral High community to follow.

Why Join the Sister Mary Black Legacy Society

Cathedral changes lives and provides opportunities through the generous philanthropy of its alumni, friends and supporters. Providing for Cathedral in your will and estate plans is a wonderful way to leave an impact and a legacy that will truly make a difference for our school.

Gifts to the Sr. Mary Black Legacy Society at Cathedral High School are acts of hope and sustainability for the future of our school. Through God’s grace, Sister Mary’s inspiration and your generosity, Cathedral will be well equipped to serve our community for generations to come.

Through a charitable bequest in your will or living trust, you can ensure that Cathedral High School will keep its doors open to qualified students whose families cannot afford the full cost of a private, Catholic High School education. This thoughtful act, which has little or no current financial impact on you, may result in the largest and most lasting one-time gift you ever make.

Ways to Participate in the Sister Mary Black Legacy Society

How Planned Gifts Can Be Funded

Depending on the type of planned gift, different assets may be used to fund it. Cash, appreciated securities, appreciated property, or personal property (such as jewelry or art) may be options. Check with your financial and legal advisors before making a gift.

Immediate Tax and Income Benefits

You can also transfer cash, stock or real estate to a charitable trust which distributes annual payments to you for life. This trust will never pay capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated assets, will provide you with an immediate charitable income tax deduction and ensure a future legacy gift to Cathedral 7-12 High School.

Our legal name is Cathedral High School, Inc., and our EIN is 56-2438574.

1. A Bequest in a Will or Trust

The easiest and most common way of making a planned gift is through a bequest in your will or living trust. You can designate a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate, retirement accounts, or a specific asset. Cathedral High School could also be named as a contingent beneficiary.

2. Life Income Gifts

Gifts such as a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or a pooled income fund provide you and/or your designated beneficiary income for life. Upon your passing, the school receives the gift. Life income gifts generally reduce or eliminate certain taxes and guarantee an income for life.

3. Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance can be used to make a sizable gift to Cathedral. For example, you can purchase a new policy and make the school the owner and beneficiary of the policy. You can make Cathedral High School the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy you no longer need. Or you can name Cathedral High School a contingent beneficiary of an existing policy. Your life insurance could “endow” your annual pledge to Cathedral.

4. A Life Estate

You can deed your home, vacation property, or condominium to Cathedral and retain the right to live in the property and/or receive income from the property for as long as you or your beneficiaries live. A life estate gift reduces capital gains, inheritance and estate taxes and offers an income tax deduction as well.

Membership in the Sister Mary Black Legacy Society

Every year, names of new members of the Legacy Society will be added to a plaque displayed in the school. All Legacy Society members will be honored at our annual gathering and on our website. Members will also be invited to seminars and special events on planned giving, financial and estate planning.

Becoming a Member

You may become a member of the Sr. Mary Black Legacy Society simply by notifying us that you have named Cathedral High School a beneficiary in your will or estate plan. Please fill out this form to learn more or to notify us about such a provision and join the Legacy Society, or contact our Advancement Office at 617-542-2325 or