Tuition and Financial Aid

Students with a Cathedral Education are Prepared to Succeed

As a private, independent Catholic school Cathedral does not receive any financial support from the state or federal government. Every student receives a generous financial aid package made possible by the generosity of our trustees, partners, and benefactors.

Tuition & Financial Aid

The cost to educate a student at Cathedral for the 2019-2020 school year is $20,000. Thanks to philanthropy and a commitment to our mission of providing a high-quality education, we work with each family to ensure that finances are not a deterrent. Philanthropy-based assistance allows us to cap tuition for 2019-2020 at $7,000. The following provides a brief summary of how this works:

Cost to educate a CHS Scholar: $20,000
Less Philanthropy-based assistance: ($13,000)
Your contribution: $7,000

Types of Financial Aid

Philanthropy-based assistance: Our donors invest in our scholars by providing $13,000 of tuition assistance to every single student at Cathedral.

Additional, needs-based financial aid: All students are eligible for additional, needs-based financial aid. Additional financial aid awards are determined and disbursed based on financial need demonstrated through the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Program. Funds for this additional financial aid are also made possible by our generous Cathedral donors.

Applying for Financial Aid

Needs-based financial aid awards are granted to students on an annual basis. All applicants to Cathedral High School are required to apply online via FACTS or request a financial aid application through the school. Those applying for the 2019-2020 academic year are asked to submit a complete FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment application along with supporting documentation. Cathedral utilizes FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to verify and compile family information. Upon verification by FACTS, the CHS Financial Aid Committee reviews the results of the application.


In order to secure enrollment at Cathedral, accepted students are required to submit a non-refundable $200 registration fee. This fee is not a deposit towards tuition but secures the accepted student’s seat for the school year.

Tuition Payment Options

For the convenience of our families, Cathedral offers several different payment options for tuition.

  1. Families may choose to pay tuition in full by August 31.
  2. Tuition may be paid in two payments: one half of tuition by August 31 and the remaining half by January 15.
  3. A monthly payment may be set up through the FACTS tuition payment plan. The FACTS plan will withdraw ten monthly payments from your checking account spread across the school year, starting in August and ending in May.

If tuition is unable to be paid by the due date and alternative arrangements have not been made, the student will not be allowed to attend school until payments are made current. For students returning to Cathedral, all prior year outstanding tuition must be paid by May 20. Returning students with an outstanding tuition balance from the prior year who have not made arrangements will be unable to start the new school year.

To set up your tuition payment plan, login to your FACTS account at

Questions about Tuition and Financial Aid?

If you have questions about tuition, financial aid, and the affordability of a Cathedral High School education, our Admissions Office can help! Contact us at 617-542-2325, ext. 312 or email

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