Students at WilmerHale for College Essay Workshop

Lawyers and staff at the Boston law firm partner with Cathedral High School seniors helping them to write and edit essays for college admissions and scholarship applications.

Long-time partner with Cathedral High School, WilmerHale, a Boston-based law firm, hosted two sessions of a college essay workshop for Cathedral seniors. Students paired up with lawyers and staff at the firm’s State Street offices to work on composition and editing of each student’s college admissions essays. Volunteers meet the students where they are in the process, which can range from brainstorming ideas and completing a first draft to editing a final version or researching deadlines, scholarship requirements, and colleges.

“WilmerHale is tremendously proud of our relationship with Cathedral High School and of the incredible experience the school provides for the students,” said Anne Bowie, public service manager at WilmerHale. “We all win when students are prepared for the next academic and professional chapters ahead.”

The volunteers also email students in between workshops to keep working on the essay. WilmerHale has been offering the college essay workshop to Cathedral students for nearly 18 years. The college essay workshop is one of a number of ways Cathedral works to ensure every graduate is not just prepared to earn admission to college, but ready for success in and through college.

Students received one-on-one mentoring and assistance

Cathedral students received one-on-one mentoring and assistance from WilmerHale lawyers and staff. Photo credit: Jerry Howland

“Beyond the actual college preparation, the workshops offer a chance for students to come into a law firm, experience this professional setting and connect with caring adults who are keenly interested in their future,” added Anne. “Both the youth and the adults benefit from this opportunity to find common ground and to appreciate each other.”

In addition to the college essay workshop, WilmerHale has been a long-time partner with Cathedral in a number of ways including offering summer internships to students and organizing a bi-annual career exploration day.