Innovative Panthers Club with Tom DeVesto, Founder of Como Audio

Founder of Como Audio, Tom DeVesto, kicked off a second year of the Innovative Panthers Club with Cathedral High School students.

Last year, Tom led the student club through the process of conceptualizing a product all the way through bringing it to market. The students designed a Bluetooth wireless speaker called “Roar.”  In the process, students learned about product design, product marketing, prototyping, production, and sales. Their efforts resulted in a working prototype and subsequently launching a successful Kickstarter to produce a limited run of the speakers. 

The Innovative Panthers Club, which meets in the school’s new Applied Learning Center, is part of Cathedral’s commitment to STEAM-based education and applied learning. 

Speaking to The Boston Guardian, Tom DeVesto said of the group, “I’ve never seen a more motivated group of kids.” The Guardian highlighted the Innovative Panthers Club last week in a feature headlined “Developing the Next Bill Gates.” Over the summer, The Boston Globe highlighted the Innovative Panther Club, too, with a feature titled “Audio guru shares his lessons for success with high schoolers.” 

What’s in store for this year? DeVesto has started meeting with students to brainstorm ideas. Their efforts this year could be focused on anything in which the students express interest. The goal is to learn from the process. As DeVesto told the Globe: “When I started this thing, I told them, ‘if we fail, there’s a lesson.’ If you don’t try to do something, you’ll never be successful. There’s a lesson in all of that.”

Innovative Panthers Club students look at the Roar Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Tom DeVesto

Last year’s Innovative Panthers Club inspects prototypes of the wireless Bluetooth speaker line they designed and launched.

More about Tom DeVesto: Designer, Innovator, Audio Expert, Manufacturer, and founder of Como Audio

Leading consumer electronics Hall of Fame Legend and Visionary Tom DeVesto stayed true to a single-focused mission over the last 40 years, and that is to bring a new experience to the consumer electronics market – one that enhances and improves upon expectations. Millions of the products created by Tom DeVesto are used around the world today. He returns to the consumer electronics marketplace with a new Boston Massachusetts based company “Como Audio”. He continues his goal of bringing high performance, vision, design and long lasting products to the consumer.