Cathedral students using Admitster

Boston Tech Startup uses admissions data and proprietary software to help Cathedral High School students plan to get accepted to their colleges of choice.

Cathedral 7-12 High School is partnering with a Boston-based technology startup to give its students even more of an edge for college admissions. Cathedral is the first private school to partner with, a powerful new college admissions planning tool based on admissions data from more than 2,500 colleges and universities.

The unique service helps students plan an effective college admissions strategy by evaluating each individual students’ data (grades, academic rigor, standardized test scores, awards, and participation levels in things like extracurriculars and sports) against the admissions profiles of schools to which they are interested in applying.

The ADMITster What If? Engine™ allows students to then adjust key variables to see how changes in academic, extracurricular or leadership profiles affect their individual likelihood of admission to their desired colleges. The advice helps students make immediate decisions like “Should I retake the SAT?” or “Should I take two AP courses?” The students work closely with CHS guidance counselors who have special tools to monitor students through has been developed by a team of Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, and MIT educators, admissions experts, and mathematicians including co-founder Dr. Rachel B. Rubin, a world-renowned college admissions expert who has an extensive first-hand knowledge of college admissions processes.

“The college admissions process can be stressful, costly and full of uncertainty,” said Rachel Rubin, Ed.D. “ eliminates much of the hand-wringing around applying for college by giving students and their parents a clearer picture of the admissions path to their perfect school. It also saves time and money that would have been spent on unrealistic applications.”

“Even though 100 percent of Cathedral seniors have earned college acceptance for the past 10 years, is a key tool to help our scholars better position themselves to earn acceptance to their schools of choice,” said Oscar Santos, Ed.D., head of school. “We’re excited to be on the cutting edge as the first private school to partner with”

Cathedral High School is an urban, multicultural, independent, Catholic, college preparatory school in Boston’s historic South End serving boys and girls of all faiths from grades seven through 12. Rooted in gospel values, we prepare students for college and leadership for life.