Cathedral Students Use Mobile Computing Devices in the Library

Cathedral announces every student will be provided with a mobile computing device next school year to further the student-centered learning model.

Cathedral 7-12 High School is announcing that starting with the 2015-2016 school year every student will have their own school-provided electronic mobile device. This one-to-one standard will enhance Cathedral’s student-centered approach to learning and help address the digital divide.

“The idea is to frame learning from inquiry,” said Jonathan Ray, a French teacher at Cathedral. In a student-centered teaching model Mr. Ray explains that “students are then motivated by their own interests and make inquiry into their subject matter.” The devices enable that individualized student inquiry and exploration in the classroom. With devices on every desk “students have access to all of the information. The teacher merely facilitates learning.”

Faculty members will integrate the use of student electronic mobile devices into the project-based, student centered curriculum and SmartBoards both already in use.

Jayashree Pillai, a math teacher at Cathedral, explains how she will be able to make learning more personalized once every student has a digital device. Ms. Pillai already records all her lessons via the SmartBoard in her classroom and makes the classes available to her students via YouTube. But the addition of mobile devices will help her teach and reinforce lessons in new ways. “I’ll be able to implement varied automatic assessments for more timely and more personalized feedback to each student,” she explains. “The devices will help in three main areas: assessments, re-teaching, and independent learning.”

Head of School Dr. Oscar Santos believes that every student having a digital device is critical to both the student-centered learning model and to addressing the digital divide. “This initiative will allow our students to continue to learn, explore, design and create beyond the school day,” he said. “That is purposeful learning that excites and encourages students to drive their own learning beyond the school day.”