Hall of Fame Process Details

Hall of Fame Nomination Guidelines

Cathedral High School’s Hall of Fame, first established in 2011, pays homage to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in academics and athletics during and after their time at Cathedral. Nominees should not only excel in their respective category but also embody exceptional character, commitment, and compassion, while bringing great distinction to Cathedral High School. Inductions take place biennially; the next will be in 2024.

Nominating a Candidate

Any member of our community can nominate a candidate for Hall of Fame membership using the official nomination form provided below. Please note that we do not accept self-nominations or unsigned/anonymous submissions. If you have any supporting information, such as newspaper clippings, statistics, photographs, or endorsement letters, kindly send them via email to advancement@cathedralhighschool.net.

All submissions and supporting materials undergo thorough verification before being forwarded to the Hall of Fame Advisory Committee for consideration. Our Hall of Fame Advisory Committee, consisting of alumni, faculty, staff, and Board members, reviews all nominations. Cathedral’s Hall of Fame Advisory Committee reserves the full discretion to accept or deny any candidates who may or may not be in good standing with our greater Boston community in the first round of review.

Nominees will then be informed of their recognition and will be required to provide additional information for the second round of review. A committee vote will be conducted in November after receiving all nominee information. The Hall of Fame Inductees will be officially announced in December.

Athletic Hall of Fame Eligibility Criteria

Athletes: Eligible for induction ten years after graduating from Cathedral High School, athletes must maintain a good standing with the school and our greater Boston community. Nominees should have lettered in at least one varsity sport and exemplify the Cathedral High School tradition of excellence, guided by the values and teachings of the Catholic faith.

Coaches and Administrators: Coaches and administrators who have made significant contributions to athletics at Cathedral High School are eligible for nomination. This may be determined, for example, by the success of their teams and the recognition of their former student athletes. Coaches or administrators become eligible for nomination five years after leaving Cathedral High School, with exceptions made in special circumstances as determined by the Committee.

Championship Teams and Contributors: Championship teams achieving record status and individuals who have served Cathedral High School with unwavering dedication are also considered for nomination. Recognized accomplishments include individual achievements (All-League, All State, All Region, All-American, etc.), team accomplishments, individual school or team records, and the impact on teams and the overall athletic program during the nominee’s era at Cathedral High School. Postgraduate activities, such as collegiate and professional experience, will be considered. Achievements should be supported by verifiable records, such as news clippings, yearbooks, certificates of awards, and more. Special circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the Committee.


Academic Hall of Fame Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Academic Hall of Fame, alumni must have graduated at least 10 years prior and meet specific criteria that emphasize academic excellence. Eligibility is assessed based on the following parameters:

While enrolled at Cathedral High School, the following accomplishments are considered for eligibility:

  • – Strong record of academic success, e.g. induction into the National Honors Society, outstanding GPA, placement on President’s List, etc.
  • – Significant contributions to the academic growth of Cathedral
  • – Noteworthy displays of academic leadership amongst peers and faculty

After graduation from Cathedral High School, the following accomplishments are considered for eligibility:

  • – Exceptional academic record while at college or university
  • – Notable academic awards and/or recognitions
  • – Significant career accomplishments and/or contributions to society