Refund Policy

We are grateful to the many benefactors and partners who make Cathedral’s mission possible. Donations to Cathedral High School, Inc. support the mission of the school in providing a Catholic, college preparatory education to boys and girls in Boston from grades 7 to 12.

Cathedral High School carefully considers the needs of the school and works diligently to ensure every dollar is used where it is needed most.

Donation Refund Policy

If you have made an error in making a donation, such as entering an incorrect gift amount online or donating to our organization when you meant to donate to a different Cathedral High School in another city, you may request a refund of your donation within 10 business days.

In the case of donor error, we will honor your request made within 10 business days by emailing Dan Carmody at or calling 617-542-2325. Alternatively, requests for refunds may be mailed to Cathedral High School by US Postal Service (USPS) and postmarked by the 10th business day after the donation is made and mailed to: Advancement Office, 74 Union Park Street, Boston MA 02118.

Donations made by credit card will be refunded, if eligible, as a credit to the same credit card.

Refunds cannot be made for donations not made in error or for donations made in error but requested after 10 business days from the transaction date. Refunds cannot be requested by third parties.

Automatic Recurring Donations

Ongoing support is very important to enabling Cathedral High School to continue providing a quality education to Boston’s youth. Recurring donations allow us to better plan in advance for donated income and we sincerely appreciate donors who choose to use this method to make their gifts.

If you decide you wish to change or cancel an automatic recurring donation, please contact us.

Restricted Gifts

If a gift is made with restrictions, Cathedral High School will make efforts to honor that request so long as the restrictions do not conflict with our policies, values, or programs. If Cathedral High School is unable to honor the donor’s request, we may propose an alternative use for the donation to the donor. If Cathedral High School and the donor cannot reach an agreement on the use of the donation at the time the donation is made, Cathedral will return the gift.

Once a donation has been made and accepted by Cathedral High School, a donor or a third-party is unable to place additional restrictions on its use.