Bestow the Gift of Your Heritage

Give the Gift of Your Heritage

Think back to your time at Cathedral High School. You probably can recall a time somebody gave you a helping hand: perhaps a Sister of Saint Joseph stayed late to help you with a math lesson, a classmate held a door or gave you a ride, or a coach took extra time to work with you on your technique.

There are youth today across the greater Boston area who want those same formative experiences you had at Cathedral—they simply can’t afford what it costs. As we prepare to accept new students into the 7th and 9th grade classes of 2024 and 2026—students who want to walk in your footsteps in the same hallways—our cost to provide this high-quality, values-based education now reaches $20,000 per student. That’s far out of reach for many of Boston’s families.

What’s the legacy of your graduating class? Will yours be the class who pays it forward and makes a Cathedral education possible for smart, aspiring young kids with loads of potential and ambition but without the necessary financial resources?

The values you learned at Cathedral have never changed. Today’s students want to walk the same hallways, study in the same classrooms, and have the same hopes and goals you may have had. You can open our doors to them with a gift today.


Open doors with a gift today!


Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to student scholarships ensuring we can add as many seats as possible for next school year. Give before December 31st to earn your year-end tax deduction for 2019. All of us at Cathedral are so appreciative of your generosity—most especially the students whose lives you help change.

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