Giving Tuesday 11.30.21

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Cathedral works hard at supporting our future female scientists and engineers. Our science teachers use examples of women scientists who have changed our world in order to inspire our young people that they can do anything and become anyone they want to be. Watch the video below to learn about our focus on females in STEM.

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Who is part of Cathedral’s Science Department?

Pictured above from left to right:
Donovan Huseman, Biology Teacher, Linda Klotzbeecher, General and Physical Science Teacher, Romaine Waite, STEM Engineering and Design Teacher and Physics Teacher, “Jeri” the Science Skeleton, Anna Judy, Chemistry Teacher and Science Department Chair, and Subhasri Gangopadhyay, Anatomy and Physiology Teacher.

Why Invest in Cathedral’s Science Program?

Your investment in Cathedral’s science program provides our students with an expanded knowledge base of the world around us. Understanding our world through a scientific lens will equip our students to be better problem solvers and will open up numerous opportunities for them.

Our science curriculum inspires our young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and medicine. Currently we have a number of alumni who are in college becoming engineers, nurses, and marine biologists, all because of our teacher’s training and guidance in their lives.


What Will Your Science Department Investment Go Towards?

Science equipment and maintenance:
Bunsen burners, burner tubing, glass stirring rods, wooden splints, microscope lens paper, beaker tongs, parafilm, etc.

Safety equipment and cleaning supplies:
goggles, disposable gloves, disposable aprons, Clorox wipes, soap, bleach, paper towels, and first aid kits.

Science kits:
acid/base kit, inquiry kit, reversible tin man chemical kit, ash water titration kit, design and function Blackberry solar kit, making a household surface cleaner, chemistry of gases lab, etc.

Dissection Day materials:
minks, bullfrogs, earthworms, scalpel blades, aprons, goggles, gloves, dissection tray wax, dissecting pins, etc.

How do I Make a Donation on Giving Tuesday?

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What is Dissection Day?

Dissection Day is a hands-on, interactive experience where students are able to dissect animals such as bullfrogs and earthworms, and where AP Biology students are able to dissect minks. The students look forward to this experiential learning opportunity and our teachers enjoy watching the students jump in and take charge as they examine the anatomy of each animal. Above is a photo of a previous bullfrog dissection that students experienced through their science lab at CHS. 

What is Cathedral’s Scientific Course of Study?

Students at Cathedral are required to take a science course each year from 7th through 12th grade. 

General Science, 7th grade
Physical Science, 8th grade
STEM – Engineering and Design, 8th, 9th, and 10th grades
Chemistry, 9th grade
Biology I, 10th grade
Biology II, 11th or 12th grade
Anatomy and Physiology, 11th or 12th grade
Environmental Science, 11th or 12th grade
Physics, 11th or 12th grade


Who do I Contact With Questions About Giving Tuesday?

Amy Malkemes, Director of Advancement